Posted Feb 21st 09:06 AM
By: Behmasoka
Message: For more detail please contact me

Posted Feb 21st 09:06 AM
By: Behmasoka
Message: Got a fish tank to give out free

Posted Feb 10th 10:10 AM
By: adrian787
Message: cheeto

Posted Jan 23rd 02:39 PM
By: JackyC
Message: Hi Bro Jason. Good to see you here!

Posted Jan 23rd 01:51 PM
By: jasonw
Message: :)

Posted Jan 23rd 12:16 PM
By: JackyC
Message: Yes! Charlie. Hows Everything?

Posted Dec 29th 10:22 PM
By: Charlie
Message: Still active?

Posted Nov 09th 02:26 PM
By: JackyC
Message: Past few years in active...Now I'm back with passion again!

Posted Oct 23rd 03:27 PM
By: tskhor
Message: finally.. we are back again...

Posted Sep 14th 04:34 PM
By: tango
Message: Definitely,there's foid n travels 😆

Posted Sep 14th 02:31 PM
By: deep_end
Message: that would be great, bro. Life's not all about EFL and models :D

Posted Sep 13th 12:01 PM
By: tango
Message: Just had a read on those articles,imho,all of them are still relevant...maybe me may post some updates on a few if,big IF,me can get off my lazy bones
to do

Posted Sep 11th 09:53 AM
By: deep_end
Message: that's the problem, bro .. I've been away so long that I no longer know what is and isn't relevant

Posted Sep 06th 03:10 PM
By: tango
Message: Lol...u can take down any topics that u think is outdated or irrelevant edi too.

Posted Sep 05th 09:59 PM
By: deep_end
Message: but at least you should be more well-informed about current trends, no? Or at least take my posts down, wouldn't wanna make a fool of myself hahahhaha